1040 Questions & Answers Videos


The 1040 Questions & Answers videos are a FAQ on your Form 1040 and is organized to take you step-by-step through the new Form 1040 and some of the more significant schedules, giving a simple answer to a question you may have. It will even help as you go through your filing software. 150 questions gets you from start to finish

Training Materials

This training includes:

  • On-demand Video Instruction


  1. Taxpayer Information
  2. Income
  3. Additional Income-Schedule 1
  4. Nontaxable Items
  5. Adjustments to Income-Schedule 1
  6. Deductions
  7. Itemized Deductions-Schedule A
  8. Tax
  9. Tax-Schedule 2
  10. Tax Credits
  11. Nonrefundable Tax Credits-Schedule 3
  12. Other Taxes-Schedule 4
  13. Filing and Paying-Form 1040

Training Access

To access the videos, go to 1040 Questions and Answers Videos.


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