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QuickBooks Online Pros and Cons

Small businesses with simple accounting needs should consider using QuickBooks Online programs, Intuit's Internet or cloud-based accounting programs. The programs run on Intuit's web servers and are accessed from any location with an Internet connection and a web browser.

QuickBooks Online programs are not the same programs as QuickBooks desktop-based programs. The programs offer different features and capabilities. Thus, some small businesses may find the programs more appealing than others.

Viewing and Listening Instructions

You may view the video on any Internet connected computer or mobile device.

  1. To play or pause the video, click the play or pause icon in the lower left screen.
  2. To control the volume, click the speaker icon in the lower right screen and slide the volume.
  3. To improve the quality of the video, click the gear icon in the lower right screen and change the Quality setting.
  4. To view the video in full screen mode, click the full screen icon in the lower right screen.
  5. To view subtitles or closed captions, click the Closed Captions (cc) icon.